Summer Music Camps for Neurodivergent Youth

Horizon School of Music is thrilled to offer programs specially tailored to support the unique needs of neurodivergent and underserved youth.

Our sister organization, Empower Through Music, an established nonprofit, began developing these methods in 2018 and has proven their positive impact. Now, we are proud to offer support directly to a wider audience, ensuring more kids have the opportunity to express themselves through music and thrive.

Understanding Needs, Delivering Solutions

Neurodivergent children often face barriers that limit their access to enriching activities like music. At Horizon, we dismantle these barriers by offering:

  • Skilled, empathetic instructors: Our music teachers have extensive field expertise with specialized training and tools.
  • Inclusive group sessions: Kids enjoy the camaraderie of group learning in a supportive environment.
  • Expert-led curriculum: Developed in partnership with leading mental health professionals.

Continuous Support for Parents and Families

Parents of neurodivergent children can sometimes feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to best support their child’s development. Horizon is here to help with:

  • Accessible resources and technology: Easy-to-use tools and workbooks that make integrating music into daily life a breeze.
  • Ongoing educational support: Our programs include regular updates to help parents stay informed and engaged.

Our Unique Approach: The Neuroharmony Method

Horizon utilizes the Neuroharmony Method, a groundbreaking approach that includes:

  • Multi-modal sensory training: Engages children on multiple sensory levels, enhancing the learning experience.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Makes learning accessible and fun.
  • Guidance from top experts: Our programs are overseen by renowned mental health professionals.

Program Information

Experience the magic of music with our transformative music camps! Your child and loved ones will discover their creativity through our engaging and enriching music program.

Daily Activities

1. Dive deep into the world of music with our Music Appreciation and Listening Sessions

2. Stay on track and organized with our Structured Daily Plans

3. Explore your artistic side with Art and Expression Time

4. Be inspired by cinematic wonders with Inspiring Music Movies

5. Feel the rhythm and unity in Drum Circles

6. Sing your heart out in our lively Sing-Alongs

7. Embark on an adventure with The Musical Scavenger Hunt

8. Rock out with Rock Band/Rocksmith Gaming Sessions (Bonus Karaoke for the brave performers)

9. Shine on stage in our Performance Showcase

Pricing and Availability

For youth aged 7-18.

Weeks Offered

July 8-12
July 22-26
August 12-16
August 26-30


1-Day 6-Hour Camp: $125
3-Day, 6-Hour Camp: $300
5-Day, 6-Hour Camp: $470

Not sure about committing to 6 hours?
Don’t fret! Your child can attend a 3-hour single-day group session for just $75.

By the end of our camp, your home will be filled with the sounds of joy and the passion for music that your child has discovered.

Start Your Child’s Musical Journey Today

Enroll your child in Horizon School of Music’s specialized programs and watch them flourish. With flexible scheduling, expert guidance, and a supportive community, we make it easy for your child to enjoy music.

Learn More and Get Involved

For more information on our programs or to register your child, please contact us. A complementary assessment will be provided for each family to ensure students are placed in an appropriate program and matched with the best possible teacher and groups for their needs.

At Horizon School of Music, we’re not just teaching music; we’re creating brighter futures one note at a time.

It’s such a break from my day-to-day work and it cleanses my mind and sets me on my way to , you know get back to work and solve other problems so I look forward to it every week.

Bryan Belyk

If you are looking for inspiration beyond those YouTube guitar tutorials, look no further. You’ll get out what you put in – the harder you work, the more comes pouring out!

Reena Meijer-Drees

My confidence and belief in my abilities to play music has skyrocketed since I started here. Worth. Every. Penny.

James Gill

Featured Instructors

Kris Schulz

Kris Schulz


Viral Bhagat

Viral Bhagat

Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Sitar, Harmonium

Payton Hansen

Payton Hansen

Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Kyla Rockingham

Kyla Rockingham

Vocals, Drums

Julia Geaman

Julia Geaman


Emily Erhart

Emily Erhart

Piano, Vocals, Guitar

Jeremy McKay

Jeremy McKay

Harmonica, Ukulele, Guitar

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