Emily Erhart

Emily Erhart is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

Growing up in a musical household, Emily sang in choirs and began taking piano lessons at age 9. In addition, she took up the saxophone in school band and began teaching herself the guitar. Emily has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto where she studied both Anthropology and Music. In her program she focused primarily on musical theory and history and enjoys seeking out the ‘why’ behind the music she plays and teaches.

During her time in University, Emily surrounded herself with fellow Toronto musicians and played a variety of shows both as a solo act and in ensembles. In 2019 she recorded and released her first solo EP titled ‘Doubt in My Mind.’ More recently, Emily and fellow Toronto musicians collectively wrote, recorded and produced a handful of music under the name ‘The Day Choir.’

Emily hopes to provide her students with a deeper understanding of the music they play and listen to, instilling them with a life-long passion for music.

Kris started as a guitar teacher and ended up a friend. I couldn't have learned guitar from a better person. His enthusiasm, never mind unbelievable talent make guitar learning a joy..

Paul Newton

Our kids are hard to please- but the style and attitude of the group is so unique and engaging that our kids ask to go back. It’s a pleasure to watch them enjoy music and have fun with it while they learn. We highly recommend this school.

Dean Chittock

I have the great fortune of being taught by Kris.. and catapulted me into a whole new level with no limit in sight! I have taken lessons from other teachers there as well and they are all phenomenal.

John Buchanan

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