Rewrite Your Musical Story.

Playing music is so much more than reading little black dots on a page.

It’s an opportunity to express yourself creatively with a universal language. Our job is to help you participate in the music you love, coach you on a variety of skills and inspire your musical journey.

It all starts with having fun and understanding the music that moves you.


We're a Great Fit For

Adult Students

The heart of our music program lies in assisting adult beginners and those returning after a break. While we are a top choice for adult learners, we’re equally passionate about nurturing young musical talents. Join us, regardless of your age, and discover the magic of music!

Customized Lesson Plans

We understand that every student is different. Whether you’re eager to learn your first full song or seeking the tools and inspiration to reach the next level, our passionate instructors will guide you with efficiency, enthusiasm, and a lesson plan tailored to your needs.

Flexible Scheduling

We value your time and offer unparalleled flexibility. Our simple-to-use booking system and friendly staff help you schedule lessons on a weekly, biweekly, or drop-in basis, giving you the freedom to learn at your optimal pace.

Our Available Lessons

Patience, Fun, Encouragement, Professionalism, Convenience & Community!

These words embody our mission to guide you on your path. Join our community and put your dream to play music within reach.

Why Choose Horizon School of Music?

Shuheng -Shuheng -
07:56 14 Jun 24
I have learned guitar with Kelly for two years. Kelly is a talented musician and the best teacher I can imagine. I’m surprised how much progress I made in two years. Kelly broke down all the difficulties into small goals. With his step by step guidance, both theory and technique were covered. He will always find the pieces I’m interested in and fit my skill.Kelly also organized group lessons once a month. It’s very different experience from private lessons. Learning playing guitar with others is enjoyable and helpful.
Erica BrandaErica Branda
23:43 10 Jun 24
Anyone who thinks that they can learn music from an online course has never experienced the magic of learning from Kelly Brown. He has a sixth sense... he just seems to know exactly what you need to advance to the next level, and then he pulls just the right tool or bit of knowledge out of the vast library that lives in his head. And as a coach, he pushes you just the right amount with patience and kindness. I always leave my lessons with a feeling of gratitude for his time and excitement to go home and try the new things I discovered.
Jenny NJenny N
22:22 02 Jun 24
I have been learning piano at Horizon music school for about 5 months now and I am so grateful for my teacher Dominique who is so patient, kind and a wonderful teacher. It’s so hard to learn when you are an adult and it’s even incredibly difficult to find a teacher who you love and enjoy learning from . I am so lucky Dominique is so supportive and encouraging on my journey to learn piano and helping me every step of the way. Everyone needs a teacher like Dominique in their lives. 11/10 recommended. So grateful
nikki yangnikki yang
20:29 28 May 24
Very good teacher nice and knowledgeable
Deepti SDeepti S
19:07 28 May 24
My son loved his first class with Dom. We are looking forward to more...
Jacob AllenJacob Allen
02:43 10 May 24
I have been taking lessons with Andrew Balboa for over two years. Andrew is a phenomenal music instructor - patient, kind, knowledgeable and passionate. He's like a musical mother duck, taking care of all his musical ducklings. I strongly recommend taking lessons with Andrew.
Josanne DubeauJosanne Dubeau
01:19 10 May 24
Andrew is an amazing teacher whether voice, piano or guitar. He has lived experience as a performer and is an intuitive and inspiring teacher. He is extremely supportive, humorous and has some cool tricks to get you moving forward in your learning. So glad I have the opportunity to learn with him and to be a part of the Horizon community
Karen LabateKaren Labate
01:53 09 May 24
Learning drums at 37 with little practice time isn't easy, but Julia Geaman makes it so enjoyable! She's super fun and knows her stuff inside out. Even with my hectic schedule, I've been seeing real progress every class. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn, no matter their age! Thanks, Julia❤️ Thanks Horizon!
Gavin PattmanGavin Pattman
17:10 08 May 24
We have been taking weekly vocal lessons from Rocky Riobo at Horizon for over a year now. She is an excellent instructor and highly skilled professional musician. We have greatly enjoyed our lessons with her, and have noticed significant gains in our confidence and ability as a result.Horizon also puts great effort into hosting events and workshops to supplement individual lessons, such as group jam nights, student concerts, and weekly choir (also taught by Rocky!). These events really help connect the school into a larger community, and offer opportunities to explore musical skills in new ways.
Julia SchmidtJulia Schmidt
00:16 08 May 24
What a wonderful place! Kris has great leadership across the studio. Mojo is continually helpful with any of our questions. Monique consistently helps us with scheduling needs. And then the teachers... amazing! Our kids initially had lessons with Rocky (piano) - she was a gift. Now we are with Ricky (drums) and Danny (guitar) - they are very talented musicians and inspiring to our kids with low pressure and high quality instruction. So much that our kids are not complaining about practicing!?!
Kathryn NgKathryn Ng
19:47 07 May 24
Both my kids have been learning music (ukulele, piano & vocal) from Rocky Riobo for like 2 years. Rocky is an amazing musician who could play multiple instruments and has an amazing voice! She has great energy and always cheerful. She listens and guides my kids, and very flexible, meaning my kids are having fun learning music!! Music should be fun, and I am very thankful that I have Rocky as my kids’ teacher.As of the Horizon School of Music, the owner, Kris Schulz, and his management team are great. Kris helped me to pair up with Rocky after learning what I am looking for. The match was a success! They have other group lessons and sessions for teenagers and grown up, and yearly students concert allowing students to shine and experience their possibilities. I could feel teachers at the school have passion in music, and teaching music. I highly recommend this music school.
Empower Through Music

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It’s such a break from my day-to-day work and it cleanses my mind and sets me on my way to , you know get back to work and solve other problems so I look forward to it every week.

Bryan Belyk

If you are looking for inspiration beyond those YouTube guitar tutorials, look no further. You’ll get out what you put in – the harder you work, the more comes pouring out!

Reena Meijer-Drees

My confidence and belief in my abilities to play music has skyrocketed since I started here. Worth. Every. Penny.

James Gill

A lot of amazing musicians gather here once in a while, truly a place that can change your life! Certainly pointed my life in a better direction!

Kevin Wang

At Horizon you get a real sense of community where you can learn and share as you wish in a welcoming and completely supported environment. There’s no pretension here. You can bring the real you.

Warren K.

They make it so easy – the online booking and payment app works like a charm!
Wonderful people – thanks Kris and Kelly!

George Shindler

Our kids are hard to please- but the style and attitude of the group is so unique and engaging that our kids ask to go back. It’s a pleasure to watch them enjoy music and have fun with it while they learn. We highly recommend this school.

Dean Chittock

I have the great fortune of being taught by Kris.. and catapulted me into a whole new level with no limit in sight! I have taken lessons from other teachers there as well and they are all phenomenal.

John Buchanan

I'd highly recommend Horizon School of Music to anyone who wants to be part of a real music community that cares about your journey and learning.

Todd Mumford

The co-teaching with Eli on the monthly Metal Consortium has got to be the best metal group class ever to happen. I will close by saying I used to hate Mondays. I have my lessons on Mondays... it's now my favourite day of the week.

Aaron Friesan

6 months ago I could barely play basic chords on an acoustic after struggling to follow online tutorials. Not only did Kelly guide me towards finding the right instrument and sound for me (classical fingerstyle), he has me playing pieces I couldn’t imagine I’d be playing in this short of a time frame.

James Gill

Great teachers are very rare. If you have a musical goal, do yourself a favour and check out Horizon School of Music.

Joe Tromm

Horizon has to be Vancouver's best for musical instruction, hands down. What I love most about Horizon is that there's no pressure to perform or achieve beyond what I want for myself as a musician - just complete flexibility to explore as many styles as I want and to learn what I want, when I want, even if it's different from what I wanted to learn last week.

Warren K.

Horizon are beyond remarkable - it’s conveniently located, bright and welcoming whether for a private lesson or group workshop. The atmosphere is relaxed and encouraging while directed and effective. I can’t believe what I am able to do today that was impossible a few months ago!

George Shindler

Finding a teacher and a school that will inspire you and encourage you in every aspect of your musical journey, is a magical discovery. Not only do I leave every lesson with a greater understanding of the instrument, practical theory, musicality and methods, I leave with a greater enthusiasm and love for my own unique journey.

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333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1
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