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We have 26 teachers who instruct on Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo & Musical Composition

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Are you a beginner who’s eager to learn your first full song or an experienced player seeking the inspiration and tools required to reach the next level? Our highly experienced instructors will guide you with efficiency and enthusiasm.

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85% of our students are 45 and older making us the top choice for adult learning. You’re never too old or too young to start learning the art of music!

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With over 19 talented instructors for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele & Musical Composition… we stress a fun and engaging learning atmosphere that caters to each students’ unique goals.

Online Workshops – Stay Connected To Your Musical Community

Horizon students benefit from being a part of our extended community that includes over 500 passionate musicians and instructors.
Online music workshops are a great way to develop new skills under the guidance of a top instructor while connecting with fellow music enthusiasts. Try a new class to shake things up and you’re sure to experience musical growth!

Convenient & Flexible Scheduling Options

At Horizon, our goal is to make music lessons accessible to everyone, regardless of how busy they are with work, family and other commitments. That’s why we offer flexible, stress-free scheduling. No commitment, no contract, no getting locked into the same allotted time week in, week out – just the freedom and joy that comes from nurturing your musicality on your own timeline.

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Patient, Fun, Encouraging, Professional, Convenient, Community & Value!

These words embody our mission to assist you with your dream of playing music. Join our ever growing community of like-minded music lovers.

Why Choose Horizon School of Music?

We understand how confusing and frustrating it’s been for most adults attempting to learn an instrument. We have designed and built a system and culture of teaching on the premise of demystifying the process while making it more fun.

Horizon School of Music is a music school in Vancouver that is changing the current learning system. Offering drum, piano, vocal, guitar, banjo & musical composition lessons, our team of teachers are here to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Playing music is so much more than reading little black dots on a page and learning scales, it’s an opportunity to express yourself creatively while sharing the experience of a universal language.

Our job is to help you master the music YOU love, coach you on a wide variety of musical skills and be there to inspire throughout your musical journey. It all starts with having fun and learning the music that moves you.

Horizon School of Music

We have talented and very experienced instructors that are ready to help you start your musical journey.
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Kris started as a guitar teacher and ended up a friend. I couldn't have learned guitar from a better person. His enthusiasm, never mind unbelievable talent make guitar learning a joy..

Paul Newton

Our kids are hard to please- but the style and attitude of the group is so unique and engaging that our kids ask to go back. It’s a pleasure to watch them enjoy music and have fun with it while they learn. We highly recommend this school.

Dean Chittock

I have the great fortune of being taught by Kris.. and catapulted me into a whole new level with no limit in sight! I have taken lessons from other teachers there as well and they are all phenomenal.

John Buchanan

...I'd highly recommend Horizon School of Music to anyone who wants to be part of a real music community that cares about your journey and learning.

Todd Mumford

When I have a lesson with Eli, its more like just jamming with a friend. He allows me to learn what I want to learn, not only what he wants to teach.

My face time lessons are easier than expected and I love that there are different guitar style clinics available so I can learn different genres.

James Robson

...The co-teaching with Eli on the monthly Metal Consortium has got to be the best metal group class ever to happen. I will close by saying I used to hate Mondays. I have my lessons on Mondays.... it's now my favourite day of the week.

Aaron Friesan

...I couldn't imagine I'd be playing in this short of a time frame. My confidence and belief in my abilities to play music has skyrocketed since I started here. Worth. Every. Penny.

James Gill

If you have a musical goal, do yourself a favour and check out Horizon School of Music.

Joe Tromm

Horizon has to be Vancouver's best for musical instruction, hands down... What I love most about Horizon is that there's no pressure to perform or achieve beyond what I want for myself as a musician - just complete flexibility to explore as many styles as I want and to learn what I want, when I want, even if it's different from what I wanted to learn last week.

Warren K.

Horizon are beyond remarkable - it’s conveniently located, bright and welcoming whether for a private lesson or group workshop. The atmosphere is relaxed and encouraging while directed and effective. I can’t believe what I am able to do today that was impossible a few months ago!

George Shindler

I am Richard, I work at Electronic Arts. I’ve been taking lessons with Chris Schulz at Horizon School of Music here at Electronic Arts for the last five or six years. I really value the lessons on a weekly basis because they allow me to come down and unwind a little bit unplug from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work as well as Chris has gone above and beyond in helping me unlock my music writing skills…

Richard Pyra / Electronic Arts

...Always encouraging, Kris instinctively knows how to support each student with exactly what is needed to further their musicianship and skills, and bring out the best in each of us. Not just a teacher, he is a mentor and a great ally on the path of your personal musical journey.

Sasha Gibson
Phone: (604) 719-1715
333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1
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