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We have 16 teachers who instruct on Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo & Musical Composition

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Are you a beginner who’s eager to learn your first full song or an experienced player seeking the inspiration and tools required to reach the next level? Our highly experienced instructors will guide you with efficiency and enthusiasm.

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85% of our students are 45 and older making us the top choice for adult learning. You’re never too old or too young to start learning the art of music!

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With over 16 talented instructors for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Violin & Musical Composition… we stress a fun and engaging learning atmosphere that caters to each students’ unique goals.

Private & Group Lessons

We offer private one-on-one and group lessons from our Vancouver location or from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of monthly events that offer a doorway to different music styles and social experiences.

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Our affordable lessons start at $25 per 30-minute session or $50 per 60-minute session. Online lessons save commute time and allow students to study at home via Zoom, Skype or IOS Facetime.

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Patient, Fun, Encouraging, Professional, Convenient, Community & Value!

These words embody our mission to assist you with your dream of playing music. Join our ever growing community of like-minded music lovers.

Why Choose Horizon School of Music?


We understand how confusing and frustrating it’s been for most adults attempting to learn an instrument. We have designed and built a system and culture of teaching on the premise of demystifying the process while making it more fun.

Horizon School of Music is a music school in Vancouver that is changing the current learning system. Offering drum, piano, violin, vocal, guitar, banjo & musical composition lessons, our team of teachers are here to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Playing music is so much more than reading little black dots on a page and learning scales, it’s an opportunity to express yourself creatively while sharing the experience of a universal language.

Our job is to help you master the music YOU love, coach you on a wide variety of musical skills and be there to inspire throughout your musical journey. It all starts with having fun and learning the music that moves you.

Horizon School of Music

We have talented and very experienced instructors that are ready to help you start your musical journey.
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I am Richard, I work at Electronic Arts. I’ve been taking lessons with Chris Schulz at Horizon School of Music here at Electronic Arts for the last five or six years. I really value the lessons on a weekly basis because they allow me to come down and unwind a little bit unplug from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work as well as Chris has gone above and beyond in helping me unlock my music writing skills…

Richard Pyra / Electronic Arts

Kris is the best music coach I’ve ever had. And I mean music, not just guitar; and coach, not just teacher...

In 10 years, Kris has taken me from “never touched a guitar” to improvising-and-composing, which is not anything I was expecting, at my age. Unlike any of my previous teachers, Kris tailors his lessons to what I want. Continually. So expect discussion. You want to shred? Memorize the entire works of Pink Floyd? Learn the blues? Get into flamenco or Travis picking? Do some recording? Just ask. And best of all, the emphasis is on FUN. Always.

If you are looking for inspiration beyond those YouTube guitar tutorials, look no further. You’ll get out what you put in - the harder you work, the more comes pouring out of this man!

Reena Meijer-Drees

I can say this honestly, Kris is the best teacher that I have ever had; period; in any subject. There is always a goal to achieve and a way to get there. Kris’ musical knowledge is vast, much more than just the guitar and he never stops obtaining more skill and knowledge. The Kris that gave me lessons years ago, is not the same Kris I am getting lessons from now.

No matter what Kris has planned, he is willing to set it all aside when I come in and say, “I’ve been writing this song and I need a little help.” He understands that when inspiration hits, everything else can wait until that new song is done. I have 2 albums out and 1 being worked on now. Kris has touched every song.

Chet Kemp
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