Horizon School of Music’s 2nd Anniversary

As a newer music school that just celebrated its two year anniversary, we are well aware of the endless challenges it takes to succeed.

There are countless stats about small businesses not succeeding in their formative years, but our story is different.

The goal my wife Jill and I had during the planning of Horizon School Of Music was to build a music school that connected its students into a community. An inclusive and barrier free musical home that would inspire musicians to follow their dreams in learning the language and art of music.

Two years later, that dream has become a reality- but not without overcoming some massive hurdles. As a new business entering its second year, we were hit hard by the events in early 2020.

Our entire model of one-on-one and group music lessons was threatened and we had to make some difficult decisions. Our team of teachers stepped up big and as a group, collectively tackled the challenge of moving all of our music lessons online. Looking back now, it is clear that it was our community that empowered us to succeed. We have received so much love and support from our extended musical family, a gift that has inspired us to reach even higher. Our aim has always been to provide not just a music lesson, but also a memorable experience filled with the inspiration needed to fuel our students on their musical journey. Seeing the smiles and connections on this celebratory video was a powerful reminder of where we’ve succeeded in that aim.

To be honest, when I finished editing the photos together and saw what we had achieved over the last two years, my eyes filled with tears of joy and gratitude. We’re not perfect and we have a long way to go to reach our dream of having a massive positive impact on the world through music, but we are on the right path.

To anyone who’s ever wondered if they could find joy in learning guitar, vocals, piano, drums, bass, banjo or violin, we invite you into our extended musical family with open arms.

It’s our students that shine the light outward into the world. As teachers at Horizon School Of Music we receive no greater joy than being a positive part of that collective journey.

Phone: (604) 719-1715
333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1