Tia Rambaran

It’s rare to find a piano teacher with such a high experience and skill level who loves working with beginners as much as Tia does. Since receiving her ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Tia has shared her enthusiasm and passion for music as a teacher for over 13 years. Her innovative methods have garnered high praise from parents who witness children as young as 3 progressing on their Piano journey. 

Tia stresses having fun while creatively exploring key drivers to ensure children will find a place in their heart for music. Tia is also a highly accomplished graphics design artist who creates detailed works of fantasy and sci-if for the Video game company, Kabam

...I'd highly recommend Horizon School of Music to anyone who wants to be part of a real music community that cares about your journey and learning.

Todd Mumford

When I have a lesson with Eli, its more like just jamming with a friend. He allows me to learn what I want to learn, not only what he wants to teach.

My face time lessons are easier than expected and I love that there are different guitar style clinics available so I can learn different genres.

James Robson

...The co-teaching with Eli on the monthly Metal Consortium has got to be the best metal group class ever to happen. I will close by saying I used to hate Mondays. I have my lessons on Mondays.... it's now my favourite day of the week.

Aaron Friesan

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