Hannah Iqbal

Starting the violin at age five, I studied privately at Amati String Studio for 15 years with Amy Levinson; finishing my RCM examinations. I would later branch off from classical music to explore Persian and Arabic violin with my teacher Sina Ettehad as well as Hindustani singing with Neeraja Aptikar. Despite my dedication and love for the violin I never saw becoming a professional musician as a viable option until I moved to Tokyo and played as first violinist for the Waseda Symphony Orchestra in 2012.

With a new outlook on life and art I began in earnest to establish myself as a full-time working musician. Currently, my work involves recording and arrangements, gigging, and teaching. As a violin teacher my aim is to support my students in cultivating a love of music, self-discipline, and their own unique creative expression. I place importance on making sure my students feel comfortable enough to take risks in learning while also becoming more and more self-directing; that they become confident in practicing efficiently and effectively.

Above all I hope to make my classes a place of exploration and fun! Each student should leave my class excited by their creative journey as well as proud of what they have accomplished thus far.

I am Richard, I work at Electronic Arts. I’ve been taking lessons with Chris Schulz at Horizon School of Music here at Electronic Arts for the last five or six years. I really value the lessons on a weekly basis because they allow me to come down and unwind a little bit unplug from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of work as well as Chris has gone above and beyond in helping me unlock my music writing skills…

Richard Pyra / Electronic Arts

Kris is the best music coach I’ve ever had. And I mean music, not just guitar; and coach, not just teacher...

In 10 years, Kris has taken me from “never touched a guitar” to improvising-and-composing, which is not anything I was expecting, at my age. Unlike any of my previous teachers, Kris tailors his lessons to what I want. Continually. So expect discussion. You want to shred? Memorize the entire works of Pink Floyd? Learn the blues? Get into flamenco or Travis picking? Do some recording? Just ask. And best of all, the emphasis is on FUN. Always.

If you are looking for inspiration beyond those YouTube guitar tutorials, look no further. You’ll get out what you put in - the harder you work, the more comes pouring out of this man!

Reena Meijer-Drees

I can say this honestly, Kris is the best teacher that I have ever had; period; in any subject. There is always a goal to achieve and a way to get there. Kris’ musical knowledge is vast, much more than just the guitar and he never stops obtaining more skill and knowledge. The Kris that gave me lessons years ago, is not the same Kris I am getting lessons from now.

No matter what Kris has planned, he is willing to set it all aside when I come in and say, “I’ve been writing this song and I need a little help.” He understands that when inspiration hits, everything else can wait until that new song is done. I have 2 albums out and 1 being worked on now. Kris has touched every song.

Chet Kemp

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